day of adventure. 356.

today was our anniversary. we marked it with the only date we had, the day i asked terry to be my boyfriend, officially. we had been dating for awhile before, so we have decided to make this a fun day, not a lovey-dovey one. so we went for a drive. lunch was at red's. if you have never been here and like lobster rolls, go! they put a whole lobster in each one and eating it outside, next to the water makes for a great spring day.

we then stopped at the montsweag flea market. we were a little late. most people had already packed up, but we did not leave empty handed. (see treasures below) but we did learn our lesson. go there early! as we headed back south, we saw a sign for indoor flea market at a mill building in brunswick. we pulled in. why not see what other treasures we may find.


terry's treasures. (take that pat and kim)

frames from montsweag.

leather bag from montsweag. only $4!

(here's my actual outfit)

notepad holder.

wallpaper stamp.


dress - urban outfitters
blazer - f21
shoes - h&m

skin tone city. the best way to look naked is to wear clothes similar to that of your skin. just kidding, but i could really use a tan. this was a different look for a sunday. the dress can be very dressy or 'night time', but with the neutral tan blazer and flats, it makes it more casual and more like lounge wear than lingerie. (but maybe i was trying to spice up sunday a little for the occasion..)

9 days to go!

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