my first month in boston.

so i have officially made it a month in my new home and what a month it has been. it started off a little rough and by rough, i mean i didnt have a place to live until the 3rd. i wont go in to detail there, but it was a stressful few days without a place to live. terry and i are still working on getting settled. we spent the first two weeks in our new apartment without a shower to use because our bathroom needed to be re-tiled. we also didnt have a proper working fridge until last monday. let me tell you, not being able to buy groceries and having to eat take out is not as fun as it sounds. 

as things are starting to get become more routine, i am trying to get out and explore the city. i got to check out the goodwill headquarters in boston, but still haven't found out where all the great thrift stores are. this is a top priority. ill share with you what i find.

as for work, i am having fun and meeting some cool new people. the store on newbury is way crazier than the one on middle street. i work a lot more and i have to get up super early, so i am tired. i am still trying to get use to the hours and the commute. trading in my 12 minute walk to work for a 40 minute commute on the bus was hard. i hope to get more energy as i get use to the changes and get some healthier food in my body, which in turn, means you will be seeing a lot more from me on here.

just like most things in life, things didn't happen as i had planned. i am rolling with it and hope to show you some really exciting things from boston, as well as portland, and where ever else i may end up.

a little of my month in boston on instagram:


  1. boston needs more fashionable people so maybe you can whip that place into shape! we miss you!

  2. The good news is that now that you've been through the no working shower or refrigerator phase of your time in Boston you can survive anything! I'm glad things are settling in a bit for you now.