shop your closet halloween: carrie bradshaw.

carrie bradshaw is one of my all time favorite tv characters. being able to put this fancy, fun costume together like her was so exciting! furs, beading, legs, turbans, the highest heels, and a bubbly outlooks make this look come together.

what you will need for this particular carrie look:
a nude dress - mine is from goodwill
fur coat - mine is vintage from goodwill
super high heels - mine are from aldo
turban or headband - mine is from urban outfitters
big rings or other fun jewelry
envelope clutch - mine is marc jacobs

the great thing about a carrie bradshaw costume is that it can be done in so many ways. all you really need is to put together a few crazy fashion-forward looking pieces. tulle is always good. anything with a designer label on it, but make sure to wear it ironically. layer lots of pearl necklaces. throw your hair in a top knot. add a belt or a fanny back or both! the possibilities are endless, as long as you don't forget those 5+ inch heels.

happy halloween!

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