saturday morning: found my soulmate.

you know those mornings when you wake up first and have those extra minutes to yourself. you head straight for your computer and start browsing the internet. well today is one of those days and pinterest just became my coffee.

it all started when i was scrolling through the homepage, clicked on a photo i liked, repined and created a new board for it. i was then finding myself searching 'fall 2013'. after looking at picture after picture of mostly black and white (wedding dresses, go figure), there they were. these beautiful, bright, print on print outfits, one after another. they were only described by number (which i soon found out was the number they were posted in the online lookbook). i had to find out where they were from. i clicked and clicked until there it was.

and this, my friends, is how i found my fashion soulmate, msgm.

the fall collection is lovely, as you can see. full of print and texture and the mix of it all together in each look, but the summer collection is everything i have been dreaming of, all pulled together in one collection..

the prints, the prints mixed together, the headwraps, buttoned-up-to-the-top shirts, baby doll dresses, floor length kaftans, layers of textures. it is all here in this one little collection. be still, my beating heart. be still.

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