fourteen things i love: number six.

//photos using thrifted ll bean//

mom jeans!

they come high waisted and sometimes tapered and you can often get them for less than $10 at thrift stores and goodwill. the best is when you can find a pair of levi's cause they seem to have just the right fit. i don't know what it is that i love about these and i know many people don't look at them and think 'flattering'. but i disagree. they are more fitted than a boyfriend jean, but are another option to the skinny jean. the high waist brings everything up and in and gives you are nice hourglass shape. and most of the time you cuff them to show a little ankle (and shoe), so how can that be bad? the photos above are from a few years ago and since then, i have certainly upped my mom jean game.

if you think these aren't for you, check out these photos for a little inspiration that might change your mind:

//photos via pinterest//

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