fourteen things i love: number seven.

homemade lattes!

i have had a love of lattes for a long time and i mean good lattes. not starbucks or dunkin donuts, but ones from places like coffee by design or bloc 11 or crema (and the list goes on). but unfortunately, this becomes a very expensive treat.

for christmas, my mom got me a battery operated hand frother. it is nothing fancy, but it has given me the gift of easy, yummy, at home lattes. i have been experiencing with flavors. i started with vanilla. the next, and current favorite, was brown sugar and cinnamon. the best part of these is that i know what is going into them. i don't use syrup or any artificial sweeteners. just natural, yummy things.

even terry is getting into them. sure, he loves when i make them for him on the weekends, but today he wanted to learn how. he said so he could make them for me when i'm still sleeping. the problem was when pouring in the milk, because we don't have a proper pouring cup, it spills on the counters. he cried over spilled milk and let me finish them. oh, by the way, today's flavor was maple.

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