fourteen things i love: number eleven.

my grandfather's bolo tie.

this was a staple in my grandfather's wardrobe. i remember the short sleeve button up shirts, the kind that was kind of see through and you could see his white undershirt. it would be accessorized with a bolo tie and his pocket protector and sometimes a really cool hat (one which i already own). 
i had been seeing bolo ties a lot lately and they always reminded me of my grandfather. i also really liked the way they looked with more modern outfits. i asked my mom if she knew if anyone still had one and to my amazement, she did. i thought i would have known if my mom had one or that she would have just known i would have wanted it. a few weeks later, it was waiting for me in a little white box. i have worn it a few times. it makes me feel a little bit nostalgic, stylish, and very confident. the latter is one of the reasons my grandfather, william (get it?), is a big deal to me. i'm happy to have something else of his.

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