fourteen things i love: number four.

tumbleweeds handcraft (@tumbleweedshc) and sissy (#sissythekitten).

i happened upon this instagram months ago some way or another and quickly became obsessed. this husband and wife duo makes very cool wooden sunglasses. they are also just overall badass. i would be lying if i didn't say i had a girl crush on beca. she is motivated and inspiring. she works super hard and knows how to use her instagram to benefit her business, by being true to herself. 

this also introduced me to my favorite internet kitten, sissy, who i think they rescued (which they do a lot) not too long ago. though i love my kitties to death and think they are just the cutest, i can't help but stare at the photos of this guy. it doesn't hurt that she captures the best moments and takes great photos of all things around them.

following them not only lets me see cute cat (and dog and bunny) photos, but they have introduced me to a bunch of other great small businesses. check 'em out!

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