look what i found at.. FIND!

one of the things i needed for winter was a camel coat. i saw so many that i had to have, but would have to sell my left arm to get it. one of my favorite coats was this one from j crew. it was almost $800! i don't even have $8 to spare right now. i love the square cut and the 60s style neckline. it was exactly what i was looking for, but would never have until..

i stopped into find on my way to work one day right before christmas. i went in looking for a leather jacket for my boyfriend, but could not go in with out glancing at all the racks. i saw this coat hanging in the large section of one of the back racks and had to pull it out any way. it turned out to be a size small, like-new j.crew wool camel coat for only $22. i was so excited! but for multiple reasons, i could not buy it for myself. i immediately called terry and told him he had to go buy it for me for christmas and he had to go right now!
on christmas, i opened gifts from my parents first and was given a gap camel coat i had also asked for from my mom. later, terry gave my the coat from find. i now had two camel coats! i could tell he was disappointed that i got two similar coats (not to mention my mom and terry both gave me the same book, ps i made this, to be exact!). i knew it made since only to keep one and to be honest, the jcrew coat from find looked to be in better condition than the brand new one from the gap. it also looked so much more like the one from jcrew i was swooning over!
it had been so cold and i didn't wear this jacket until last week. i wore it when i went out saturday night with a vintage-looking chain purse. i saw a guy i knew from high school and he told me i reminded him of jackie kennedy. at that moment, i knew i made the right choice.
the lesson here is: make sure you shop all the racks and check all the sizes. you never know what you will find or at what price! and because buying at consignment and thrift stores is eco-friendly and really exciting, you leave not only with interesting and one-of-a-kind pieces, but also feeling great!

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