first day back. 202.

i feel like the first day back from christmas is like the first day back to school. everyone wears their new clothes and seems to put a little bit extra effort into their looks. i don't know if i put in any extra effort, but i did know i wanted to wear something new. i told myself that before i was out of the shower, i had to know exactly what i was going to wear. no, this wasn't an excuse to stay in the shower longer, but a method to get ready fast enough to get a ride to work. and it worked. the pretty, antique pink color of this sweater toned down the black of these pants and went perfect with these boots that have that sort of old fashion vibe to them. the gold accessories matched very nicely. (new earrings and watch from the boy)

sweater gap, pants jbrand, shoes urban outfitters, watch citizen, earring ferdinand.


  1. Love those booties. I'm all about the over-sized watch too (my Christmas present - eep!). Very cute.


  2. and boots from your lovely sister!!!