when there's goodwill, there's a way. 231.

so this summer i was in charge of finding 70's clothes for a first friday event at work and with very little money. my first thought was to head to goodwill. it was quick and painless to find plenty of things for the event. this hot pink shirt was one of them. i thought it would be perfect tucked into a pair of highwaisted wide leg jeans. i didn't end up using it for the show, but i am happy i kept it for myself. it was actually in a box of fabric in my craft room/office until last thursday when i was inspired by a woman from conde nast travel was on the today show. she was wearing an outfit very similar to the one i wore last thursday. that green shirt was also bought for the same thing at goodwill and was also taken out of the same box of fabric.

the skirt is also from goodwill and it was only $4.99. places like goodwill are great for finding interesting pieces that may be missing from your wardrobe for very low prices. it is also sustainable and gives back to people in need. win win for all.

if there is ever a time to go bright and bold, it is in the dead of winter. it felt great to pair bright pink with multi colored tweed that was full of pink. i love pink and black together. it reminds me of a barbie bathing suit i once had. its a major color combo. the skirt is a classic, ladylike style with a longer hemline. pair it with a button down and you have the standard work look. for me, this doesn't work. so what better than a leather blazer to add a little edge to a tweed skirt.

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  1. Hey Ashley! Great stuff! I run Thrift Store Confidential and it'd be great to have you come over and be a correspondent! We're dedicated to showing people how to navigate the delights of second-hand shopping, and your voice would be fabulous!
    Thanks and best,