this is a great example of an outfit that can worn to work and then straight to a party. the party i am referring to this time is our 6th annual wine-o's christmas party (we came up with the name when we were sophomores in college and it's too late to become anything else). this outfit is dressy enough for work but fun enough to go out in. i love the combination of materials and the way the print on the shirt just melts into the color of the skirt.

shirt urban outfitters, skirt old navy, tights f21, shoes payless, earrings f21, ring f21.

Wine-o's Christmas Party!

we were missing a few people this year and i know they were greatly missed, probably because they are loudest ones. each year we do exactly the same thing. we eat and drink wine of course (and homemade punch this year). then we play a game of yankee swap. this year, like last year, the theme was regifting. this makes it a little more fun and at the same time, it save us all money. isn't the point of the holidays to be with the people you love? gifts are just an added bonus. a few examples of the gifts given this year: a box of old makeup, mad libs, condoms, a tshirt that was stolen from a very drunk 21 year old (long story), fake toe nails. after yankee swap, we drink a little more. it is great to have this one time of year that we know we will get together since we don't all live in the same place anymore.

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