first day of 2011! 206.

the first day of 2011 did not go as i had planned. it was suppose to be a very productive day, but it was far from it. i didn't feel as good as i thought i would and my day didn't really get started until 2pm. it was a beautiful day and was kind of sad i missed most of it. but one of my resolutions this year is to learn to relax and not feel bad about having a little 'me' time. so today, i even though i was a little disappointed that i didn't get much accomplished, i got in some much needed relaxation and i vowed not to feel bad about. my first meal this year was at duck fat and it was amazing. we ate it at the eastern prom then went home to spend a few hours on the couch. i also went to see black swan which i had been wanting to see for awhile and it was great. so, i guess, overall it was a good day. good food, bad tv, great movie, and i didn't even have to wear a jacket in january!
i hope everyone had a great start to the new year. i plan on having a big year. there are lots of things i want to accomplish and changes i want to make. i really look forward to seeing these things happen and i look forward to you being along for my journey.

and as for my outfit today, i basically put on the first things i could find. i was not in any position to be making big decisions. it's a little boyish, but a tangerine ruffled tank takes off the edge a little.

sweatshirt jcrew (terry's), shirt abercrombie & fitch, tank loft, jeans abercrombie & fitch, shoes urban outfitters.

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