ruffle mania. 72.

i love ruffles. im sure that is evident both in my top and my shoes. i also love the top of this dress. i love the bright color and the big collar and neckline. what i don't love is that this dress is all one piece. it makes me feel like i am cheating. i always thought i was capable of putting a skirt and a top together without them being attached. for what ever reason, i was drawn to this one. it may have been the price (around $5 or $6), but it also may have been the thought that i was going to use this as a template to create something out of my old clothes similar to this (that hasn't happened yet..). i guess the good thing about it was that many people thought it was two separate pieces, but it was so much easier to wear. i didn't have to worry about tucking in my shirt and making sure it wasn't bunching anywhere. it was also very cool that i found matching flowers on my way to dinner in what looks like the secret garden.

dress urban renewal, shoes gap, bangles jcrew, necklace jcrew.

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