rain rain.. 78.

i guess we cant complain about the rain when we haven't seen it for at least a month, but i can say i am not prepared to dress for it. i have sort of been in a slump lately ( you may have noticed with the lack of posts) and i have been a little uninspired. i think it is being stuck between seasons. i want to save my fall ideas for when it is really fall, but there is a chill in the air and it is hard to wear sundresses. so i compromised with myself today and wore a sheer plaid ruffled button down with a skirt.

raincoat gap, shirt gap, skirt old navy, shoes dsw, bracelet gap, watch kenneth cole.


  1. I feel ya. Dressing for the rain is so annoying anyway. I walked home from work yesterday in the rain and got soaked. Really glad I wore leather flats (lie). Cute outfit though!