just perfect. 82.

today was beautiful. it was hot, there was a warm breeze, and not a cloud in the sky. we spent some time at the eastern prom, watching the boats and the water. there are certain days it feels like a blessing to live in maine and this was one of them. it was too warm to wear many layers, so this dress with a bandeau top made for the prefect outfit. the necklace idea came from a fellow maine blogger, sweetersalt, who blogged about her favorite necklace this morning. it happens to be an anchor, the same as my favorite necklace. it was a gift which reminded me that i have been given two anchor necklaces as gifts. i decided there was no better day than today to wear them together. for me, more than the necklace itself, my favorite part is the package it came in. i love what it says and means to me and i have it hanging above my desk to see everyday.

dress h&m, bandeau abercrombie & fitch, shoes f21, necklaces helene m and urban outfitters, bag urban outfitters.

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  1. love the anchors! i almost bought another anchor necklace this weekend at the picnic festival - love em!