elimination week update.

i woke up feeling like crap. it was also day three of having had no coffee. could that possibly have anything to do with it? my body ached like i just ran a marathon and i could not think clearly. but i went on with the program as i should. i started with the same berry smoothie. i made it until lunch with just drinking lots of water. for lunch, i had one of my favorite things. tuna with lemon, avocado, and rice crackers. i also ate an entire mango. i was definitely satisfied and i followed all the rules. then came dinner. i cooked chicken breasts in the crock pot with onions and balsamic vinegar. we had it will wild rice and sauteed spinach. there may have been some things add to the sauce made my terry that were not in the rule book, but i didn't see him make it, so i cant say for sure. when i went out, i did have one drink, which is a big no no. i stayed awake until almost 1am and with no headache or hunger pains.

what a major difference it was waking up. i felt so good. i didn't ache. i could actually think. i had the same berry smoothie for breakfast with some tea. i almost made it until lunch when someone said their were donuts in the staff room. i stayed away for a while, but when i happened to be back there, i just wanted to take a look at them. there was 1/4 of a blueberry donut in there that was calling my name. so i ate it. it wasn't as good as i hoped, so i was sort of upset that i ate. i was more worried about what the first amount of sugar i had in awhile would do to me, but i was okay. for lunch, i ate leftovers and a little hummus and rice crackers. it was good. i was very proud of myself for not having even a sliver of a piece of cupcake that were on the table. believe me, i wanted it. if you know me at all, i love sugar. i love sweets. i want to do this cleanse for many reasons, but one is because i am pretty sure i have a sugar addiction. i am not one to say no to dessert or not have a treat because 'it is not good for you' or 'we shouldn't be doing it'. i am a strong believe in enjoying life and not taking things away that i want. but i want to be the one in control. not the sugar. i also want to know what it feels like to only have fresh, healthy nutrients in my body. so that i why i said no cupcake and i was surprised at my self control. the major problem for the day came when i went straight from work to styling a photoshoot until 8:30pm. terry had dinner with his family, so i was on my own to eat. i ran out of time since we were going bowling at 9. i didn't have dinner. this is not something i would ever be proud of. but surprisingly, i wasn't all that hunger. i was too busy to notice. in the book when they say we don't need close to the amount of food that we are eating, i am sort of starting to see that.

friday (today).
as i sit here patiently waiting for dinner to be ready (it is 8:05pm and there are more than 45 mins left to cook the sauce), i think about the growling in my belly and that makes me think about all the foods i want to eat. never a good thing. as for today as a whole, it was good. breakfast was, again, the same. i only drank half of my smootie. i wasn't really hungry (even though i didn't have dinner last night) and really needed to head to work. i had raspberries and water for a mid morning snack and was so hungry when lunch came. i had my same lunch of tuna, avocado, lemon, and rice crackers because it is so easy to get ready in the morning when i don't have much time. i will have to make more time for prepping my food next week or i wont make it at all! i had water in the afternoon and sort of came crashing down around 3:30. i picked back up at 5:30 when i headed to the grocery store to buy the illegal ingredients for tonight's dinner. we are having chicken and pasta (big no no!) with a three ingredient sauce of tomatoes (NO!), butter (NO NO NO!), and onions. at least i am not having bread with it. terry really wanted to try out this sauce and since it is only the elimination week, i figured it would be okay. it would really make him happy. plus, it is all fresh ingredients. i'll see how long i can stay awake tonight..

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  1. Reading your blog makes me hungry! Now I want to eat some pasta with lots of sauce and butter! xoxoxoo