today was day one of my new challenge. i am starting the clean program. it is a cleanse. this is the first time i have ever done anything like this. i know it is going to be hard, but i am actually kind of excited. since my eating hasn't been that great lately, i have to do a prep week before the actual cleanse called elimination week. it is exactly what it sounds like. i am starting to eliminate the things from my diet that i wont be allowed to have on the cleanse, which is basically everything.

so day one started off on the wrong foot. i ate cereal, which i am sure has sugar in it for breakfast. neither cereal or sugar are allowed. the one positive things about breakfast was that i didn't have coffee. i had a nice glass of green tea instead. lunch didn't go very well either. instead of eating my hummus with cucumbers, i ate it with tortilla chips, which are definitely not allowed. after lunch, i did make it to the grocery store. i like to think i only made the food choices i did earlier in the day because i wasn't prepared with the correct foods. grocery shopping was kind of stressful. i was trying to make sure i was only buying things on the yes list and at the same time i was buying things for a full meal. i bought lots of fruits and veggies, chicken and fish. i like to think by not buying things that come in packages, i have already saved money, but i'm not really sure yet. dinner was easier since i had food to cook with. terry made haddock cooked in parchment paper with lemon and broccoli. we were in a major rush to have dinner since we were both headed out to activities, so we didn't have any time to cook something like rice to go with it. either way, it tasted very good.

i ate dinner at 5:45. since then i have had a cup of mint tea at local sprouts, a cup of hot water and lemon when i got home, and three twizzlers that were on the counter. i cracked under pressure. they were the last three in the pack and they made a very good point that if i ate them now, they would be gone and when i start tomorrow, there will be no sweet treats in the house to haunt me. i think going forward this week will be easier. i have the right foods to eat and i know i can make it from 6pm to morning without eating anything (twizzlers were a one time thing). i have to keep in mind that this isn't even the hard week. i mean, i still get to eat three solid meals. the hardest part is going to be hearing people talk about food because it only makes me want more!

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