hot stuff. 318.

dress - gap
belt - j. crew
tights - f21
bracelet - f21
shoes - payless

today i feel amazing. i have been wanting to wear this dress for awhile, but it has been a little tight around the butt/thigh area. i decided to give it another try this morning and it fit much better. it is still a little tight, so instead of wearing it like a shift dress, i added the belt to give more shape around the waist and to be able to pull a little fabric over the belt. this helped to move the tight area of the dress up a little higher where my body is just a little bit smaller. i chose the bright green belt and purple shoes to add a little bit of color to a black and gray outfit, since it is suppose to be spring and all. i also really wanted to give these shoes one last wear before putting them away until next fall. 

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