saint-tropez dreaming. 320.

dress - carole little for saint-tropez west
belt - goodwill
boots - piperlime
rings - vintage, gift
bracelet - f21
flower - j. crew

i found this dress at goodwill last spring and i have been dying to wear it. i thought since its friday, the sun is out and it is suppose to be in the 60s, it would be the perfect day. since i am not ready to show off my very white legs just yet, i figured why not really work this into a 70s look and wear these brown knee high slouchy boots. i added a belt to hide the elastic band (thought it would be much prettier) and had a little fun with my jewelry, keeping it just to my hands and wrists.

as for the dress itself, it is from the 70s. it is from the first line created by carole little, who went on to create multiple lines with different names. since it did come from goodwill, i only spent $7.99 for it and thought it was a major bargain being as the dress is 100% silk. but today.. i decided to google the designer and found out that there are actual vintage and ebay sellers selling her pieces for over $50! it may not sound like a lot, but to me i feel like a saved so much! during my google search, i did find this amazing piece from carole little for saint-tropez west at selling for $249! i only wish it wasn't separates.


  1. I know you are a big bargain shopper so I have been meaning to ask you where you get all your amazing shoes!?! How much will you spend on a pair of shoes?

    P.s. The knockoffs you liked from forever21 are now on sale at the store in the mall... 16.99 I think...

  2. i get them from lots of places. i love the bargain basement at urban outfitters and gap has great flats. i have shoes from payless and target that i love. i spend a little more on shoes because most of the time you have to for quality, but these boots i got from piperlime for $30. but i dont usually spend over $100 because i cant afford to. i would if i had the money!