saturday. 307.

sweater - pringle of scotland
shirt - goodwill
t-shirt - my dad's old softball shirt
jeans - j brand
shoes - h&m
ring - marc jacobs
bag - coach

today was a good day. i woke up early and got in some much needed reading and then i went to put the final looks together for a photoshoot i am styling on thursday. this is something i love doing and am so passionate about that i am very happy to give up part of a saturday to do it. not to mention i love the girl i am styling. her name is sara hallie richardson and she is a wonderful singer. if you don't know who she is, you must check her out. after that i met terry for lunch at market street eats and then i headed by myself to the portland museum of art to see bill cunningham new york. tomorrow is the last day it is playing here and if you have not seen it, i recommend you find time to. i was a wonderfully inspiring and heart wrenching film. he is a beautiful man with a true talent and loves his work so much. it is the first time in a very long time that i have left the theater feeling so moved. 

as for my outfit, it was all about layers. it is cold out. the sun was shining and it looked nice, but boy, was it deceiving. i didn't want to wear a winter jacket, so i just kept adding. this is what i would call my factory worker look. it was the first time i have given denim-on-denim a shot. i liked it. the outfit was a little boyish so i had to add the shoes to give a little bit of girl. you cant really see it, but i am wearing one of my favorite pieces of clothing. it is my t-shirt that was my dad's from when he played on a softball team. it is so worn that you can see through it in some spots and you can barely read the writing on it, but it is so soft. and with j. crew still on my mind, i cant help but give them a little credit for my inspiration.

what i spent:
sweater - $12 from picnic (the one in the park) i only paid $6 since terry and i are sharing it
shirt - $3
t-shirt - free
jeans - $54
shoes - $8
ring - $3
bag - gift from terry

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