clean. day 2.

so yesterday was the first real day of my elimination week. i would have posted about it last night, but after working till 8, i was too tired to do anything, but go to bed. i made a berry smoothie for breakfast with contained blueberries, raspberries, cinnamon, homemade coconut water, a little agave, and ice. luckily it makes enough for two days, so i don't have to worry about making a new one everyday. i had my smoothie a little before 9am with a cup of tea. i have not had caffeine since starting this.. which is probably why i had a headache. i did not take into consideration that this was my late day at work and wouldn't have a break for lunch until 4. with not eating between 9 and 4, i was dying. i am very sure the plan isn't made for you to do this. for lunch i had hummus and tabbouleh with cucumbers and drank some water. the only things i ate in between were a few dried edamame i had left in my bag. not good. by the time i was home from work, i was starving again. we had ground turkey cooked with onions and jalapenos and ate it with lettuce, green peppers, and tomatoes. dinner was good, but i did break a rule by eating tomatoes, but i figure this is just the practice week so it will be okay. at this point, it is now 9:45pm. i have a headache and am so tried i cant think straight, so all i can do is go to sleep.

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