big night out. 311.

shirt - urban outfitters
blazer - eryn brinie
pants - j. crew
shoes - seychelles
belt - vintage

i had the hardest time getting out of bed this morning. my whole body hurt and my head was fuzzy. it took a lot to get ready. luckily, it was my day off from washing my hair. when it came time for getting dressed, it was all about what was easiest to put on. this was not my original outfit. it has the same main pieces, but it was styled very different. i had on a blue loft cardigan and my knee high. black flat boots. someone said to me, "dont you look comfy". i'm not sure if that is a compliment. i was super bummed all day that i was feeling crappy because it was the phoenix awards and the clash with fleetwood mac that i was dying to see. so when i got home from work, i did what any 26 year old would do to make it until midnight.. i took a nap. boy, do i remember the days where i could get by on very little sleep and go out every night. not any more. after my nap, i did feel a little better and knew i should probably make my self look a little nicer, so i traded the cardigan for a tuxedo-style blazer and the boots for some heels. quick and easy changes that make a world of difference in an outfit.

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