all i can think about is chocolate.

today is officially the first day of the clean program. this is day one of week one. it started out with a great workout with my trainer, which made me feel really good and super motivated. i tried a new smoothie, a green one. it was made with kale, avocado, mango, rice milk, and a little agave. it tasted just as green as its color, but i guess it was fresh and a little refreshing. i went shopping to try and stock up for the week, but hopefully i got everything so i don't fall off track. my lunch was so good. i roasted a whole chicken, so i would have ready for the week. i made quinoa salad with chopped veggies and herbs and a little lime juice and ate it with chicken and mixed greens. i cant wait to have it again for lunch tomorrow. by the time dinner came around, i was feeling very hungry. i made a butternut squash and green apple soup. the taste was great, but the texture was horrible. it was so hard to get through it. i am going to try and make another soup, but if the next one doesn't work, it looks like i will be having smoothies for dinner. i sit here right now and all i can think about it the easter candy i have waiting for me to enjoy in 21 days. if i cant find something to fill me up at night, this is going to go downhill fast.

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