dress loft, tights f21, necklace f21, shoes seychelles.

warning: this dress is new. however, i did not spend any money on it. it was from my mom. this does not go against any of my rules, but i thought it would be fair to tell. for the first wear, i kept the belt it came with and went with a dark color palette. when the weather gets warmer, i will definitely change the feel of this dress.
last sunday, my mom and i went to the mall and we went on a shopping spree and did not spend a dime! she had gift cards to the loft and they were having a sale. she wanted to find some new things for spring. it is a perfect time to start shopping for spring, since the first round is now hitting the sale racks. my mom got a very cute pale purple spring utility jacket, a few tees, and the same dress as the one i am wearing. next we went to sephora where i got a new makeup kit with a christmas gift card and still have money left over. we went to the gap, where i had a merchandise credit from a christmas present i returned. i got four new gym tops (very girly and fun), a gym top for my mom, and stocked up on sale tights for next year. my credit was for $40 and my total to $36 for 8 items! seeing as the remaining credit was only for $4, i got in back in cash. this means the gap paid me $4 to shop in their store! our final stop was at h&m. i saw a very 70s jumpsuit in a magazine that i was dying to have. so i tried it on, along with a floor length floral skirt. i had a gift card, so i figured i needed to have them. and by using foursquare, i got 24% off one time just for checking in! this means i still have money on a gift card. this is the first time since the holiday season that i have gone shopping and got multiple items for myself. not only did i not spend any money, i got money back! spring time is a great time to spend your holiday gift cards. more bang for your buck!

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