look what i found at find, take two.

i had great luck this year with winter outwear selections at find. i know i am not buying things at the moment, and the first one i got was a gift, but i couldn't pass this up. it is a beautiful, thick plaid vintage cape. it is not something you stumble across every day. and not to mention the price. it was only like $12! i figure the best day to model it off would be the day it snows toward the end of march. i didn't get the chance to wear it this season, but this is a classic piece that i know i can wear for years and years to come. the make and material of this cape is very nice. it is heavy and well structured. it is not something you can wear every day or if you are planning to do a lot of walking because it is not the easiest to move around in. but if i am traveling to and from some where, it is perfect. i plan to dress it up and down and get a lot of use out of it next winter. or this spring, if the weather continues this way. (please please don't let that happen)

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