to mom, with love.

one of my favorite people to style is, of course, my mom. i love to help her make the most of the things she has and try to take chances when buying new things. 

most of this outfit i bought for her for christmas. 
i saw this skirt at goodwill and thought it would be a perfect choice for my mom. i like the striped pattern even more, i liked that the stripes form a v-shape, creating an elusion and bring the eye to a flattering place. after buying the skirt, it would not be fair to give this to someone without something to wear with it. i found this shirt at the gap. the gold would match with the cream in the skirt. the ruffle in the front was an added bonus, giving the outfit something fun and modern. 

i knew there would be things in my mom's wardrobe already she could wear it with, whether it be a cardigan or a blazer. but when i saw her open this sweater (before i gave her my outfit), i could barely contain myself with the excitement that she had a complete new outfit. 

last year, my sister and i bought her the boots for her birthday and that same year, i gave her the bracelet (both from jcrew). this year for christmas, my dad gave her this watch. with my help, i started this look for her. she was able to add the accessories (jewelry, boots, tights) herself and pull the whole look together.

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