fore front take over!

so wednesday night, we had two special visitor's, laura and nate from fore front fashion! they came with their video camera ready for us to give them a tour of our closet. i have been working on putting together my bedroom since we moved in and it has come a long way. it is so hard to organize my clothes without an actual closet. i have broken a rolling rack because it got too heavy and have had a few weeks where my floor had become the closet. but i am starting to get everything together and create a working space. i am a very visual person and need to see everything, that is probably why it all ends up on the ground. in my dream closet everything will be hung up. but for now, it is a work in progress.. maybe i'll show you some before pictures, if i'm ever feeling brave.

Ashley Jordan's Closet. from forefront fashion on Vimeo.

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