luck of the irish. 280.

sweater h&m, dress banana republic, belt intermix, boots piperlime,

st. partick's day turned out to be a beautiful day. it usually rains or snows on this holiday, but the sunshine brought out even more drunks than usual. (myself not included) i wanted to wear green to be true to my irish heritage, but did not want to do it in the expected way. i don't have a lot of green and it seemed it would be the perfect excuse to wear a spring-like floral print. since it is not feeling quite like spring, i needed to wear something over it. this sweater is one of my favorite winter pieces and i want to get a lot of wear out of is as a transitional piece before i put it away for the season. the drape of the dress and sweater and the slouch in the boot gave this look a slightly boho feel mixed with a little vintage. i felt great in this and i think it showed. as for the holiday, wearing green was the only way i celebrated. i worked and then went to dinner at bailey's and had fried seafood in honor of terry's sisters birthday. i guess it was almost like fish and chips..

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  1. I went down to the old port to grab dinner (not drinks) on st. pattys at Fugi and I couldnt believe how drunk people were by 8pm! Definitely the nice weather!