lady parts. 279.

shirt loft, skirt banana republic, belt gap, shoes old navy, tights gap.

i know after i reveal my true feelings about this shirt, i will never be able to wear it the same way again. but before that, let's talk about the outfit as a whole. it started out with the shirt and then i saw the skirt and thought, quick and easy. but since i am on a mission to get fit for summer, the skirt is getting a bit too big, so i needed a belt. i thought, let's make this really girly. i added the polka dots and then thought, instead of just girly, let's go for a lady-like look and that is where the shoes came in. i love this outfit. i think it is beautiful and the colors are really nice together.
and as for the top, my sister and i both bought this same shirt about a year ago in two different states at almost the same time. she will not wear it any longer. i like to make bold choices with my clothing and continue to wear it even after it was brought to my attention that it looks like….
a vagina.
i know if anyone happens to see me around town wearing it, you will too think of this as the vagina shirt. but.. im okay with that.

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  1. hahaha I was not expecting that!