what i wore this week.

well.. i started to get back into the swing of this blogging thing and right when i was, BAM!, something bad happens.

a couple weeks ago, our apartment got broken into. they took my laptop and external hard drive, as well as my camera. i was happy because i knew my memory card wasn't in it, but it turned out they took that as well. 

it is easy to move past losing material objects and hope the insurance company will help us out, but it is hard to get over having lost everything i have worked on.

so in trying to start fresh, here are my five outfits (and one hairdo, let's say i'm in a rut) i wore this week. for being taken with an iPhone, they aren't half bad.

so for thinking my style is versatile and always changing, i do end up with a certain uniform during the week. 

monday's are the only day i can wear something 'fancy' or long since its the day i do less running around and less carrying armfuls of stuff up and down stairs.

friday's tend to be the day i do a lot of outfitting, so i like my own outfit to be a little more inspired. 

i try to switch it up, but it is hard in this in between weather period. i am starting to look forward to some crisper weather, though i wouldn't dare say it out loud! one thing i can guarantee you is that you will find something around my waist at least three out of the five days.

yeah, this is what i was looking at in thursday's photo. crazy kittens!


  1. 1. i love that first dress. where's it from?

    1. 1. it was, of course, a goodwill find.
      2. and YES! those are my cats!

  2. i love that you have two cats. i need a cat post pronto.