saturday in the north end.

it's not much, but here are a few snaps from my date night with terry on saturday night. the streets of the north end are narrow, the buildings are beautiful. it was nice to walk up and down the streets and see all their hidden gems. 

we also got in a lot of people watching. we had dinner at our favorite north end spot, giacamo's, which always comes along with a wait in a line around the block. while you wait you will hear 'the locals' walk by and say they would never wait in a line. but it is just that good. if you go some where with no line, but a 40 minutes wait, it is all the same. 

after dinner, walking back to the car, i was checking out the building we took my outfit photo in front of. i wasn't paying attention and stepped in a hole. so if i look a bit disheveled, its cause about 3 minutes prior, i took a mean digger and skinned my knees. the best part of the fall was my sweet boyfriends being super upset he couldn't catch me... silver lining.

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