crop tops aren't just for models.

if you have looked in a magazine, turned on the tv, or just walked out your front door, you know that crop tops are major right now. i, for one, know that they are NOT for everyone. i also know that they really aren't for my current body type either. with that being said, i like the way they look. i like to push the limits and break the rules. i also know there is a very certain way to wear them.

so if you are in the 90% off the population like me, here are a few tips:

- always pair your crop top with something high waisted. when i say high waisted, i mean high waisted. not a mid rise, not a high rise. it needs to hit at the smallest part of your waist and your belly button must be covered.

- add a layer. covering up more skin will make the small amount you are showing at your midriff not such a big deal. 

-tie something around your waist. this trick i use a lot, not just for crops. if you tie at your waist, the sleeves should cover up the 'belly area' that hides most ladies least favorite body part. it is also useful in styling any outfit (shortening the length, changing the waist line).

- if you are wearing shorts or anything shorter in length, try a crop with sleeves (short or long). if you are wearing pants or anything maxi, crop tanks are okay.

- think of proportions: a more voluminous bottom calls for a smaller top and vise versa.

- and as always, try mixing prints and textures. have fun!

jacket and bag were thrifted. everything else came from urban outfitters (on sale).

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