i am sure a lot of you work in an office, or even indoors during the summer. i am sure a lot of you have to deal with air conditioning and know that the layers are on and off all day long. and if you are like me and work in ac, run up and down stairs all day, carry arm loads of things up and down said stairs, you know the real importance of layering.

the key here is to make sure that no matter which layer you put on or take off, it still looks like a complete outfit. multiple light layers looks more interesting than throwing on that cardigan hanging off the back of your desk chair.

camo jacket from goodwill - $5 
sweater on a gift card way on sale at intermix - $75
stripe tee from madewell - $10
polka dot high waisted jeans from urban outfitters - $7
sandals from urban outfitters - $17
necklace from forever 21 - $8

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