diy: cardboard necklace.

here is the truth: this diy necklace project is something i started almost three years ago. it has literally been sitting in a basket, mostly all strung, from my portland apartment all the way to this one in somerville. the saddest part about this whole thing is that this probably one of the easiest projects to do.

now for the backstory: at least three years ago, i ripped a page out of an anthropologie catalog featuring a crazy cool layered statement necklace. around the same time, i was at the tail end of a job i hated. among many other things, they were a wasteful company and, so instead of throwing away piles of cardboard pieces, i took them home with the idea of reusing them for something. so putting the two together and i came up with this simple, simple idea. 

 originally, i had thought to paint the squares or spray paint them after, but i think it look pretty cool natural, with the string as a pop of color. leaving it natural also gives you the option to change it or add to it when you need a new necklace or need a certain color asap to top off the perfect outfit.

the best part of this project is that it cost me $0 to make. the string and tools were things i had inherited and, well, you know about the cardboard. so go forth and make your own statement piece for as little as possible!

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