this is sunday // day 8.

laundry and petsi pies. such a treat when doing such a chore. today's picks were sour cream coffeecake and a bacon scallion cheddar biscuit. and of course, a vanilla latte for me (just coffee for terry). we woke up early, or were woken up early by our landlady. it turned out to be a good thing because we got our laundry and grocery shopping done before noon! this left time to for terry to make a quick sauce to have with some gnocchi for lunch before we took the girl kitty to the vet (she has been eating anything and everything!) and time for terry to make a practically gourmet dinner! gotta love a man who cooks and who brings you wine while he is cooking and you are on the computer..

sweater // heartloom
chambray // urban outfitters
leggings // arie 
scarf // urban outfitters
hat // topshop
boots // ll bean

and of course, we spent time with our crazy kitties... 

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