day one // horizontal vertical

(take a bow)

this was yesterday. sunday. a day of shopping with my mom and sister who came to visit for the day! right after a late night out at my holiday work party..

i am so in love with these levi's 501s. i love trying all types of denim fits and styles, not just those skinny ones anymore. these are like a boyfriend, but a little bit sleeker and much cooler. hehe. and they fit the butt real nice.

yesterday was raw. it was cold and you knew it was going to snow or something. layering for shopping is one of the best things you can do because you know no matter how cold it is outside, you will get warm going in and out of stores. so a tee and a sweater is perfect.

i still love mixing prints and textures. and i really love stripes. this cardigan is great because it is shaped like a fancy lady cardigan, complete with gold buttons, but the pattern is relaxed.

these booties are also pretty fun. the cutouts with leather straps may not seem super weather appropriate, but that is what they make fun, wool socks for, right!?

so this outfit may not seem like its high fashion or anyway to kick of this challenge, but it was great for a sunday spent mostly with a coat on. adding a few fun textures and prints make it more than just jeans, a tee, and a cardigan.

and don't you just love my garden of plant pots..

sweater // goodwill $2.50
tee // salvation army $1.99
jeans // urban outfitters $9.99
shoes // urban outfitters $40
necklace // christmas gift
beanie // target

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