holiday wish list: terry.

name: terry reth.
age: 27.
current city: boston, ma.
occupation: operation tech analyst. (computer stuff.)
social media: twitter and intstagram - @youcancallmeted
blog -

favorite part of the holidays: family, friends, and the routine my girlfriend has me on annually now. (hehe that is me!)

1. best made co american felling axe. $158
'because. it's an axe.'

2. best made co ditty bag. $118
'the bum sac refined.'

3. topo designs mountain jacket. $279
'and i'd wear it every day, every day, every day.'

4. stolen riches dickie blue boot laces. $19.50

5. j. crew jersey union suit. $59.50
'for the love of ___ please have a rear access panel.'

6. billy kirk for j. crew medium carryall. $310
'i'd make love to it.'

7. forum snowboards "the honeypot". $389.99
'its a tool, not a toy.'

8. j. crew the ludlow suit. $425
'hubba hubba.'

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