holiday wish list: sara hallie.

name: sara hallie richardson.
age: 27.
current city: portland, maine.
occupation: singer and songwriter! (major talent in this girl. listen for yourself!)
social media: twitter - @sarahallie instagram - @sarahallie714

favorite part of the holidays
every year, my mom makes me a handmade holiday calendar counting down the days till Christmas. being a jewish mother, her excitement for all things christmas is extremely endearing. however, whether it's lighting a menorah or decorating a christmas tree, she has taught me the value of celebration. so each year, i am always so thrilled when I receive a beautiful calendar made with the things that we should all celebrate this time and all times of the year: love, good health, happiness and all the wonderful things in life.

*so i am posting sara's christmas list as she sent it to me cause i thought it was pretty cute.

of course, when i'm asked to think about things that i'd want for the holidays or even for birthdays, I can never ever think of things. there's that part of me that thinks: i have everything i need. but the question is not about NEED, it's about WANT. and if money were no object, these are the items on my wishlist:

1.decleor foaming face wash. sadly it's discontinued?? or maybe i'm just looking on the wrong site. (feel free to not use this one..) $36
( i found a place still selling it in case you all wondered!)
2. a massage
4.  lots of local coffee
5.  an HBO account so I could watch all the good shows!
6.  a new desk! $699

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