holiday wish list: laura d.

name: laura duplissis.
age: 27.
current city: portland, maine.
occupation: communications and marketing manager.
blog: sweeter salt (check out laura's blog whenever you are in need of some dinner (or dessert or beverage) inspirations, as well as some classic outfit ideas!)
social media: facebook, twitter & instagram - @sweetersalt

favorite part of the holidays: seeing my family and feeling all cozy at home with my christmas decorations up. oh, and the yummy food :)

  1. Tassel key ring (available at the Portland Flea-For-All) $12
  2. Pug Print $15
  3. DIY Mozzarella/Ricotta Cheese-Making Kit $25.95
  4. Fringed Plaid Scarf $39
  5. Vintage Jadeite Mixing Bowls $48
  6. Bauble Bar Green Krypton Necklace $48
  7. Float Rope Door Mat $68 
  8. L.L. Bean Signature Plaid Lambswool Crewneck $69.99
  9. J. Crew Edie Tricole Purse $258
  10. Rose Gold and Black Diamond Ring $375

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