photo shoot: locally made.

this is the second of the two photoshoots i did recently. the cool thing about this particular one is that everything is local. the dress is from a local vintage dealer, proper vintage, which makes it a one of a kind piece. the necklaces are vieve designs, made by genevieve drzewianowski and sold at akari. she also did my retro looking hair for these photos as well! (jeeze, what a talent!) the super cute striped bra top is designed and made locally by brook there. and of course, the tote bag is from the one and only, sea bags! being able to find such cool and fashionable things from designers here in maine is a really awesome thing.
i want send out a big thank you to everyone who helped me with thise shoot. and i really want to thank my photographer, matt cosby, for being such a rockstar in the pouring rain!


  1. Love it!! You look great, as usual!

  2. Your hair is beautiful! I love the metallic gulls on your seabag!

    1. thank you! genevieve at akari did my hair for me. she is a big talent! and yes, that bag is great. i LOVE the portland anchor necklace in your portfolio!