friday find(s): found at goodwill.

you may have seen this internet craze: thank goodwill it's friday. every friday it pops up on twitter and the blogs and everyone gets to show off the cool things they thrifted that day or over the past week. now today it is my turn.

i started the day at material objects and encore looking for the perfect dress to wear to terry's sisters wedding. i saw some cool things, but didn't make a purchase. but just that short shopping trip gave me the slightest feel of the thrill of the hunt. i didn't want it to end, so i headed off the one of my favorite shopping destinations, goodwill by the mall (in south portland, if you don't know what i am talking about).

here is what i got for just $20!:

beaded dress with tuxedo style jacket
$9.99 with green sticker, so today it was 50% off!

sheer floral kaftan
$4.99 with green barb, so today it was 50% off!

pink floral maxi dress 
$4.99 with green barb, so today it was 50% off!

peter pan collar dress

beaded tunic (potential dress for the wedding!)

all-in-all, this was a successful outing. now i have to stop shopping. someone please help me. i am pretty sure i have a problem.
but until then..
thank goodwill it's friday.

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