thrifty thursday: SWAPmaine.

this past sunday was the latest SWAPmaine event held at the portland flea-for-all. as with the other two, it was a huge success! if you were there between 10 and 11, you definitely saw the madness (and fun!). we even attracted not one, but two camera crews to catch all the action.

but again, we could not have done it with out all of you who came to supoort goodwill! so a big thank you to all of our swappers and volunteers! i hope everyone had fun and got lots of really great things.

and since i know you are all dying to see what i got, here it is:

floral and lace ll bean button up & a sheer button up from contempo casuals! (ha!)

silk printed blouse & blue pin stripe dress.

vintage floral printed crop top. (so in love!)

yellow talbots shift dress with the tags still on it & chiffon pleated dress with silk details.

ecote 90s floral dress & floral mid length skirt.

tropical print pants & purple boxy top.

i made sure to keep up with our saying.. give more than you take. and considering i brought three ikea bags full of clothes and a tote filled with shoes, one small bag is good for me! i am happy to get rid of some of the things i dont need and only replace them with a few fun pieces to try out.

and fyi, i am wearing the last two items today. look forward to that outfit post in the near future!

so what did everyone else get? i want to see the cool outfits you put together with your new swap clothes and see if maybe any of you took home some of my clothes!
leave comments below, show me the photo on facebook, tweet them at me, send me an email. i want to see what everyone got or maybe just here what you think about my picks!

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