saturday: thoughts, inspirations & other stuff.

i dont know about you, but i am feeling like the summer is going by too fast. it is already july. the fourth has passed and the new month is in full swing. so far, what have i got to show for this summer?

the way i feel.. not one thing. i know this may not be true and i am sure i have done some fun things, but i just want to live. it is summer. i want to let loose and be free. yeah, yeah, i know i have to go to work. but those few hours between work and sleep, i want to feel like i was a kid in the summertime. those ones before we had to get a job.

so here is what i have decided. now until the end of the summer, i am not saying no to anything. unless, of course it is dangerous, lifethreatening.. you get the point. i dont want to turn down an invitation. i dont want to make excuses. i want to try new things and go places and really just live. i dont want the end of the summer or the end of the year to come and to still feel like i am waiting for my life to happen. i want to make it happen. i just want to do.

in honor of do-ing, here are the first few things i 'did' this week:

on monday when it starting to pour in the afternoon, i thought about how much fun it would be to go out in it and how i've always wanted to. so i did. i went and stood in the rain and felt the drops hit my face. i laughed and twirled a few times. it felt really great.

also on monday, while taking some outfit photos at reiche school, i thought what a cool place to do a cartwheel. i hadnt done one in years, so i did it. it was ugly and it hurt, but it was still fun. terry then made me do it again so he could try to snap a picture.

these are simple and small, but they made me stop and take in the moment. to live my life without waiting for someone to live it for me.

here's to a summer full of living and of doing.

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