well to do, you closet challenge: week one.

as i mentioned last month, suz from well to do, you started the dress to impress project to support dress for success. she didn't want the project to end at the end of january, so she asked bloggers to help her carry it on. each week local fashionistas will be wearing the same article of clothing three times that week. yes, i said three times. can you believe you will be seeing so many fashionable woman wearing the same item in the same week more than once!? believe it. 

i thought long and hard about which item i wanted to start with. i wanted it to be a bit of a challenge. you know, start off with a bang. so here is what i chose:

a dress straight from the 80s (maybe early 90s) with a cool peplum detail. 

the point of this project is to show how we can get the most out of our wardrobes, save money, and donate the things we no longer need to great places like dress for success. not only am i going to get three very different looks out of this dress, draw attention to dress for success, but show that spending very little can go along way. i just happened to have gotten this dress at dress for success' fall clothing sale for only $5!

without further ado, here is a hint of the ways i am going to wear this dress over the next week:

 as a dress:

as a shirt:

 as a skirt:

inspired? want to get involved yourself? or just want to see what other people are wearing?
go to well to do, you and get started!

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  1. Love to see the skirt layering. You are my sister in style! :)