dots, pleats, & a bow.

sweater - goodwill
skirt - gap
tights - gap
shoes - urban outfitters

there was no way this was going to be a bad day. i felt cute & girly and just wanted to smile & twirl my skirt around all day. pleats and polka dots are both really great things to find in one's wardrobe, but they are even better things when you put them together. i almost died when i saw this sweater on the rack at goodwill. it looked so much like the madewell one i loved (and my sister could actually afford to buy), just with short sleeves. i don't think i even tried it on. i didn't care. it was coming home with me either way. for my first time wearing it, i wanted it to be a perfect outfit, so pairing with jeans was not going to cut it. it needed to be super special. luckily for me, even when your weight fluctuates a pleated skirt like this will usually look good. it flares out and away from the body, making the waist look small. i kept the short length of the skirt looking fun & flirty and not inappropriate by wearing opaque tights and colorful flats.

so happy together.

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