spring trends a to z: b.

b is for:

bike shorts
richard chai love

nicole miller

issey miyake


where to buy now:

don't forget you can alway diy a pair of bike shorts easily from any old pair of leggings you have! sometimes those bright colored leggings are better in same doses.

these may seem a little silly but the certainly play into the sporty trend we are seeing and they actually may come in handy. they are the perfect length to add just a pop of color under shorts or a skirt, like we saw at issey miyake. they are also a great substitute for longer leggings when we get into the warmer months. you can wear them for extra comfort and security under short skirts. if you are more of a risk taker, wear them just as shorts. they go great with a fun peplum top. and don't forget your best accessory.. your bike!

bra tops
dolce & gabbana

miu miu


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the easiest way to wear this trend is by wearing the bra top underneath a sheer or partially sheer top pairs with a high waisted bottom. this way you are not showing off a lot of skin and most of your 'problem areas' will be covered. you can also wear them with a button-up shirt, like chambray or plaid, and either button or tie it so that only a small patch of skin right under the top is showing. however, if you are confident and comfortable, show off as much of your midsection as you want. just be careful not to show too much cleavage.

all runway photos from style.com.

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