well to do, you: dress to impress.

it is now the end of january and if you do not know about the awesome month long project going on over at well to do, you, you are surely missing out. suz stephenson is wearing the same, yes, the exact same dress, everyday this month in support of dress for success. along with inspiring us to utilize our closet and support a wonderful organization, there are guest posts from really great bloggers giving tips on closets, style, prolonging the life of your wardrobe, and seasonless dressing. 

as you may know about me, i like to get the most out of my clothes, spend little, and save a lot. i wanted to share a few key pieces you must have in your wardrobe to get wear out of all year long. there was no better place and time to share this than over at well to do, you. check out my guest post and more importantly, take a look at all of suz's outfits this month!

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