private school prep.

shirt - bdg
sweater - a&f
skirt - american apparel
shoes - bdg
necklace - xmas gift from mom
bracelet - vintage

you know those days when you end up sitting on your bedroom floor staring at your closet (and/or rolling racks or piles of clothes on the floor) waiting for inspiration to magically appear. sometimes it works and other times you end up late for work. today, it was the former. i am thinking i owe some credit to the obscene amount of gossip girl i have been watching and that it is affecting my subconscious. it may also be my current obsession with collars and the buttoned-all-the-way-up look. this just added to the grown up school girl look i had going. the sweater made for an interesting add on. a different version of the blazer or cardigan routine. makes me think a little bit of serena in high school and how she always made that school uniform look so cool and sometimes, pretty damn sexy.
regardless of where the inspiration come from on this particular morning, it is obvious that collars paired closely with an interesting necklace is my go-to of the moment.

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