it's my party..

and i'll get crazy if i want to.

shirt - cooperative
tank - last tango
jeans - cheap monday
shoes - deena & ozzy

 so i have been 27 for almost two weeks now and as we can see not much has changed. i am still posting weeks after things actually happen and i am still acting like a kid.
and, like the past 5 or so years, i had to work on my birthday. so i had to have a fun birthday outfit to show off at work, but not to be confused with the one i was wearing out to celebrate. being that i am still obsessed with collars and buttoned up shirts, i thought this sheer, dotted one would be perfect. i love that it is layered over a black tank and black jeans, making the illusion that maybe, just maybe, i am wearing a jumpsuit underneath (my kind of birthday suit).

birthday night.

dress - f21
blazer - h&m
necklace - vintage
shoes - deena & ozzy

chambray shirt - j. crew
tie - j. crew
toggle cardigan - urban outfitters
pants - gap
shoes - sebago

i am not high maintenance. i just have a wonderful friend, rachel, who is a hair stylist who knows how much i love having my hair done (since i am lacking skills in this department). she gifted me birthday night hair & make-up, vintage finger waves.. my favorite. as for my birthday night outfit, it did not turn out as i had planned. for christmas, i got this beautiful vintage, soft pink colored headpiece. i wanted to wear it on my birthday, so i hunted for a dress that would match it. that is why i went with this green, inexpensive one from f21. when the night seemed to go in a bit more casual direction, i opted not to wear the headpiece and turned my look a bit edgier. the dress is floor length, so i shortened the front by tying it in a knot & showed off my moto boots, then topped it off with a leather blazer. my photographer was off duty, so sorry for the lack of a photo. the best part was my hair anyway.
all in all, it was a lovely birthday and i look forward to making 27 a wonderfully fun year.

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